Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Tea Tuesday: Why I Love Tea

Hello again!

This week, I'd like to talk about the drink that almost all book lovers seem to have an affinity with. What is it that we love about a drink which, to others, boils down to just a cup of "leaf water"?

Being British, tea has been a big part of my culture ever since I was a child. Once I turned 9 or 10, my dad decided I was old enough to start using the kettle and making him a cup of tea before work in the morning. It wasn't long before I started adding an extra mug and piling in the sugar. A trip to my nan's and the following raid of her biscuit tin was now accompanied by me "twirling" the sugar in my own cup and dunking custard creams for just the right amount of time. Tea - or more specifically, black tea - is a drink that is wound up with a bunch of fond memories from my childhood, so it's no wonder it's such a big part of my life now.

Tea is also a crutch that us British people rely on in difficult scenarios. I have used a cup of tea multiple times when people I've just met have come over, or in the first few weeks of moving into a new flat with new people, where tea was my way of saying "I'm friendly, I promise". When one of my new flatmates knocked on my door holding two cups of tea, she sparked a friendship which led to some of my best memories of my first 2 years of university. A strong mark of friendship is knowing what tea they like, how they like it, and making it even when they haven't asked for it.

Tea also brings a sense of calm to an otherwise fraught situation. Any time you find yourself (or anyone else) stressing, worrying, or simply feeling down, I heartily recommend you take the time to make yourself/them a cup of tea. As Caitlin Moran says in Moranifesto, "you will never have to deal with more than the next minute", so why not put that next minute to use and make a cup of tea? For me, it's a very simple and structured process: stick the kettle on, put the tea bag in the mug, fill with boiling water, add a splash of milk, and then comes the sugar. I've done it so many times it's practically engraved on my brain, and even if it only lasts a couple of minutes or so, it's a welcome break from whatever I'm frantically worrying about. Those minutes allow you to calm down and focus on something other than what's troubling you, and by the end you have a clearer view of how you should proceed.

What do you like so much about tea? Let me know by commenting below! Also, don't forget to catch up on last week's Tea Tuesday post.

Love to you all,