Thursday, 9 June 2016

Guest Post: J. A. George - Gifted

Hello wonderful people!

June marks a few milestones for this blog: 1) Two months old! I've stuck with this for a whole two months and so I'm feeling pretty impressed with myself. 2) My first guest post! The following is a post written by J. A. George, whose book Gifted was published back in April.

  • Tell us about yourself and your book.

My name is J.A. George and I am the author of Gifted – The Hayven Series. The series centres on a size twelve university student with a penchant for dry humour who’s decisions defines her future. One evening she meets a silver-haired woman a little on the strange side before meeting a young man a little on the stranger side. These meetings lead to the eventual discovery of Hayven – a city separated from the rest of the world where only ordinary people with extra-ordinary gifts can go.

  • Use one word to describe each of your main characters.

Ava: relatable. Theo: weird. Baleigh: honest. Lucas: lothario. Peyton: daydreamer. Faye: shy. Ollie: intelligent.

  • How did you find the process of getting published?

It was a long one to say the least! I finished Gifted in just under two years and then completely revised the entire novel because I wasn’t happy with it, bringing it up to almost three years. It was a nightmare during the second year because I lost track of why I was writing Gifted in the first place and didn’t get my senses knocked back into me until the third year. Once I was writing a novel I was happy with, it transformed into a great experience!

  • Where did you get the inspiration for the book from?

I started writing Gifted because I wanted to read it. I love to read YA and it’s only recently that I started branching out into other genres, but I soon found that I wanted to read something…different yet still YA. I wanted to read about a relatable protagonist, real young adult relationships, no ‘chosen one’, with a little extra-ordinary thrown in. Combining all of that resulted in Gifted!

  • What advice would you have liked to hear before you got published?

Write like you’re never going to be published. Only then will you write a book you’ll want to read over and over and over again. That nugget of advice could have saved me almost two years, but you live and you learn!

  • What do you do when you’re not writing?

I’m either eating, reading, hanging out with friends or at the cinema. I don’t know what it is, but I love going to the cinema. Especially to watch whatever film Marvel or DC comics have just released.

  • Finally, tell us a secret.

I am addicted to chocolate. No, seriously, ADDICTED. My friends know I love chocolate, but I think they underestimate the severity of this condition. Well, let’s look on the bright side. I could be addicted to worse…
You can find all information to do with Gifted and J. A. George below! Have a wonderful rest of the week all!