Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Throne of Glass Fangirling

Hello lovely people!

I've been debating joining Top Ten Tuesday for a while now and I am finally doing it! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week's theme is "Ten Reasons I Love X", so basically an excuse to gush about anything you want. Excellent.A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how I wanted to write exactly this type of post about the Throne of Glass series in this post, and then I decided to check out this meme so thought it was the perfect post to kick off with.

In no particular order, here are 10 reasons I love the Throne of Glass world so much:

  1. Celaena Sardothien

Celaena, bless her, is something like 15 characters in one. She is the ultimate heroine. Not only does Maas portray her as a ruthless assassin who isn’t afraid to run around in sewers with blood spattered on her face, but also as someone who is elegant, sensitive, cunning, intelligent, and passionate. She loves books, shopping, and the finer things in life - something particularly evident when we read about her flat filled with a plush mattress, a plethora of silk dresses, and carefully selected trinkets. Celaena is truly one of the most multi-faceted characters I’ve ever read about.

  1. Excellent Female Characters

Nehemia, Lysandra, Manon, Marion, Philippa (who I personally don’t think gets enough credit), Kaltain, Nesryn - the list can go on. Whilst not always wholly “good” characters, there can be no denying that the women portrayed in these books are FIERCE.

  1. Portrayal of Relationships

And not just romantic relationships! We get to see

  • Female friendships - Nehemia + Celaena, Lysandra + Celaena, Manon + her Second/Third/rest of the Thirteen
  • General friendships - Dorian + Chaol, Dorian + Celaena
  • Manon + Abraxos (one of my favourites)
  • Familial relationships - Lysandra + Evangeline, Aedion + Celaena

  1. Romance

Speaking of relationships...This isn’t something everyone enjoys, but I personally think it was something that Maas integrated really well into the story. The romances portrayed in the series develop naturally, with Celaena not being destined to be with one character from the beginning of the series, but rather her loving different people and it progressing in different ways. Also, Maas makes sure that whilst the romances are important for whatever reason, they don’t take over the plot, but add to it instead - sometimes necessary when everything is terrible.

  1. Third Person Narrative

Because the series is told in the third person, you get to see what all the characters are thinking at some point. Whilst the focus is of course on Celaena, we also get chapters dedicated to Chaol, Dorian, and Manon, to name but a few. It helps give the reader a pretty well-rounded view of what’s going on, and the reasoning behind the characters’ actions.

  1. A Detailed Fantasy World

What do you look for in a fantasy? Magic? Dragon-type animals? Shapeshifters? Witches? Well Maas has you covered, my friends. I never really counted myself as a fantasy reader before Throne of Glass, but Maas converted me. The world is so clearly put together, and it progresses naturally from book to book. The first book of the series is like an introduction to the world, because it shows a tiny fraction of it, and as you carry on with the books, Maas expands the world is a way that the reader is capable of keeping up with - it doesn’t feel like too much information to digest at once.

  1. ACTION.

I love action. I love action films where stuff blows up, I love fight scenes (especially if they contain Black Widow), and I love that speeding up of pacing that accompanies action in books. The Throne of Glass series is filled with such scenes, where Celaena is a badass and whips out all of her assassin skills and death and blood follow.

  1. The Best Endings

In general, Maas' books end in a satisfying way where you don't feel forced to read the next one immediately because of a cliffhanger, but rather you want to read on just to be in the world again. I say in general because Heir of Fire ended in a way which was just too overwhelming and too dramatic and just thinking about it makes me want to pick up Queen of Shadows again RIGHT NOW.

  1. A Passionate Following

Now, whilst people aren’t always nice about voicing their opinions about the Throne of Glass series, there’s no doubt that there are a lot of opinions being thrown about, and that’s what I love: the Throne of Glass books inspire conversation, debate, and passion. There are OTPs galore to talk about, there are aspects to suit everyone, there are aspects that irritate some people and not others; no matter what you think of the series, you will find something to talk about.

  1. Book Hangover-Inducing

It might be that I have had a book hangover before, but I didn’t know it was a book hangover because I wasn’t involved in the book blogging community and the phrase probably hadn’t even been coined yet. BUT. Throne of Glass definitely induced a book hangover, and it was the first time I was able to say “Hey! This is a book hangover! OH NO!”. After the realisation it was terrible because obviously nothing is going to live up to the series and how am I supposed to wait until SEPTEMBER for Empire of Storms. If you have any tips, please let me know.

Do you love the Throne of Glass series? What are your reasons for loving it so much? Let me know by commenting below!
Love to you all,