Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Facts About Me

Hello and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday post! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and this week’s theme was Ten Facts About Me. Seeing as I’m pretty new to this blogging world, I thought I’d keep it pretty general. I really enjoyed writing this post and thought about it quite a lot so hopefully it's interesting for you to read!

  1. I don’t have one home

Home is a funny word. I use it to describe many places: the AirBnB rental I’m only staying in for a few days, my mum’s house where I haven’t slept for more than one night for several years, and the flat I stay in in Germany which, if I’m honest, really doesn’t actually feel like a home. Apart from these homes, I also have my boyfriend’s mother’s house, which I think is the most homiest home I have at the moment, and as of last Monday a home in York where I’ll be spending the last year of my degree.

  1. I used to have long hair but then let a Cambodian lady hack it all off

This is one of my favourite stories to tell because it’s one of the most spontaneous things I’ve ever done.

Last summer, I went travelling around Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam with my boyfriend. It was the middle of the rainy season but some days it would hit 40 degrees. Now, I don’t think there’s ever been a trip to a hairdresser where they haven’t commented on just how thick my hair is. I could literally cut off half my hair, and still have enough to be classed as having a lot of it. You can imagine the effect that this had on the temperature of my head whilst travelling.

One day, we were exploring Angkor Wat and I snapped. I decided that as soon as we were back in Siem Reap I was going to go to the nearest hairdresser and get my hair cut into a pixie. I armed myself with pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Ginnifer Goodwin, Anne Hathaway and did exactly that. The hairdresser I went to, however, did not speak English - only the owner did. What this meant was that I just had to bring up one of the photos and let her attempt to copy it. She looked at the photo, then my hair, then the photo again, and then called her friend over and they spent a good five minutes giggling. I of course had to take my glasses off so couldn’t see a thing, so when she proceeded to literally hack my hair off with a razor and then giggle afterwards, I was pretty terrified. In the end, she did a fantastic job at copying Jennifer Lawrence’s hairstyle and my head was significantly cooler. You go Cambodian lady, you go.

  1. I’m a Leo

Which means it is my birthday soon! I turn 21 on the 6th August and I’m so excited! This year me and my boyfriend are having a joint party and I’m also going to be celebrating on the actual day of my birth at Brighton Pride with all my wonderful friends.

  1. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Power Ranger - failing that, a police officer, and failing that, a teacher

I love (yes, that’s right, present tense) Power Rangers; my favourite series is Lightspeed Rescue and I even used to have my own morpher, just in case I needed to fight crime. When I was slightly older, I then decided I wanted to be a teacher.

This remains true, to some extent; I am still considering doing my Teaching English as a Foreign Language qualification, but I’m not sure whether it’s something I’ll do straight after graduating next year. What I’d really like to do as soon as graduating is work in publishing, and be somehow involved in the getting books out there into the world.

  1. I really like languages

I’ve been studying German for 10 years, and I studied French up until GCSE level at school - I’ve lost most of my speaking ability but I can read quite a lot. I studied Spanish for a year when I was in 6th Form, and Chinese for a year in my second year of university. I’ve taken up French and Spanish on Duolingo again, because I think they’re really useful languages to know, and I’ve also started Swedish because I just LOVE how it sounds. If anyone has any good resources I could use, I’d really appreciate you letting me know about them!


My love for elephants trumps all. I love nellies. I think they are the coolest, sweetest, best animals out there. Did you know that they’re able to walk up really steep inclines because they have a gap between their heel bone and the bottom of their foot which is padded with fat? This also means that they are extremely quiet and you can rarely hear them coming. Last summer I was lucky enough to go and stay at the Elephant Conservation Centre in Laos for 3 days and 2 nights, where I learnt about elephants and got to learn how to ride them safely (one person on their neck, not on a chair on their shoulders) and I got to feed them and watch them bathe and swim with each other and oh my gosh the BABY. I best stop there before I get too carried away. But I really flippin’ love elephants.
  1. I have tinnitus

Y’know when you go to a concert, or out clubbing, and then you come back home and you have that ringing in your ears? I have that. All. The. Time. I didn’t even get it from hardcore clubbing or anything, I got it because I had a cold which inflamed some nerves??? It doesn’t affect me much during the day because of the constant low-level noise, but it can become quite problematic at night. To combat it, I always fall asleep listening to something, whether that’s Mock The Week episodes on Youtube (bonus fact: I have a soft spot for comedy panel shows) or the damned seagulls that perch themselves on the roof of the house in Brighton.

  1. I’ve been with my boyf for 6 years

Yes that does indeed mean I’ve been with him since I was 15. He’s my best friend who always makes me feel better, and he’s the ultimate travel partner. He’s pretty mad and spontaneous and makes a mean loaf of bread.

  1. Christmas is my favourite time of year

I love Christmas and everything to do with it. I love giving people presents that I’ve thought about a lot and know they will like, and I love observing the traditions that I grew up with (listening to the same songs as you decorate the tree, watching pantomimes on TV) and the traditions that I’m creating myself/stealing from my boyfriend’s family (listening to the Michael BublĂ© album on repeat/scrambled eggs and salmon for Christmas morning breakfast). I feel like Christmas is a really happy time, and there’s just something about it being really cold outside and sitting in a chair wrapped in a blanket with a Christmas tree with blinking fairy lights in the corner.

  1. Tangled is my favourite Disney film

I love everything about Tangled. I love the plot, I love Pascal, I love Flynn (so much so I named my first car after him), I love the songs, and I love the animation itself. It’s my go-to film when I’m feeling down and don’t feel like reading. Other Disney films that I really like are Hercules (excellent soundtrack) and Aladdin (mainly because of Robin Williams and Friend Like Me).

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