Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Fall TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and this week I am sharing my Fall TBR with you. I wrote a post a couple of months ago sharing my thoughts about monthly TBRs, and then I wrote another one recently about how I’m trying to conquer my TBR and how setting myself TBRs might be a way of doing this. This post will be my first such TBR and hopefully I’ll be able to manage it!

I came onto the book blogging scene just as The Raven King was released, and it sucked not being involved in the hype. Once this became available as an audiobook on Overdrive, I downloaded it and I’m currently about 80% through (is it cheating to have a mostly-finished book on a TBR? Oh well, I need all of the help I can get).

I finally have it! I was supposed to be on a book buying ban but I’ve been dying to read this for months and I haven’t been able to get hold of it at either library I’m a member of. It’s translated from Korean and tells the story of a woman who decides to become a vegetarian, but it’s never told from the perspective of the woman. I’m really interested and I cannot wait to get to it.

Fall is perfect for crime and thriller books and this one is about a woman who goes to a bar to meet with her boyfriend but ends up leaving with a stranger. I don’t know much other than that but I’ve heard good things.

Another thriller! This one is narrated by Joe, who becomes infatuated with a woman who comes into the bookshop he works at one day. I’ve actually started this one and within 3 pages my skin was crawling because of how creepy it is. I’m waiting for it to become available on Overdrive so I can finish it!

All I can tell you about this one is that it’s set in Cornwall and according to Lauren @ Lauren and the Books, it’s best read in Autumn. I’ve been seeing it around a lot recently, so when I saw it in charity shop I had to have it.

This will be one that I definitely get to as it’s October’s book of the month for Jean @ Jean Bookishthoughts’ book club, The Feminist Orchestra. It’s Laura Bates’ first book born from the Everyday Sexism Project, sharing stories and facts about the sexism people face which unfortunately seems to have been normalised.

This is a collection of novellas set in the Throne of Glass world, which if you’ve been around reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I love. Anna @ A Literary Potion has warned me already about how heartbreaking these stories are, which may be why I’ve been putting off reading them…

This is a fantasy book which follows a girl called Mia who goes to Assassin School. That and the cover are all it took for me to want to read this so I’m afraid I can’t give you too much more. But seriously, the cover:

Both of these are Hercule Poirot mysteries from the Queen of Crime herself, and both were purchases from my recent trip to India. I’m particularly intrigued by One, Two, Buckle My Shoe because on the cover is a picture of a dentist’s chair covered in blood so I think it’s going to be the perfect mystery read when the day’s are getting darker and Halloween approaches.

I'm already getting far too distracted by library books and Netgalley but we'll see how sticking to my first TBR goes. I'm planning to do a review at the end of October where I'll look at how successful I was at keeping to just these books, so keep your eyes peeled!
Love to you all,