Saturday, 1 October 2016

September Wrap Up

Goodbye September and hello October!

It’s finally time for university to finish, and although it’s daunting that it’s my final year, I’m actually really excited - my modules this year sound fab and I will welcome graduation with open arms.


September was SUCH a good reading month, partly because I was still travelling at the beginning, partly because of the #DiverseAThon, and partly because I started listening to audiobooks again! The reads that stick out for me this month are Empire of Storms, Americanah, and I Am Malala.
Book Haul

In my head, I’ve cut down on my book-buying since enforcing a book-buying ban, but looking at the following list, I can’t help but feel I’m wrong…

To be fair to myself, the majority of these were charity shop books that I got for 50p-£1.50 - or in the case of How To Build A Girl, for free! The other two (The Establishment and The Vegetarian) are books that I’ve been wanting to read for ages and I haven’t been able to get them at either library I’m a member of. So it’s justified, right?

Personal Update

  • I moved to York! University hasn’t actually started yet but by the time this goes live, I’ll have already had an exam. It’s going to be interesting being back and having to work properly and trying to run a blog at the same time, so we’ll see how that goes

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How were your Septembers? What do your Octobers have in store for you? Let me know by commenting below!
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